Why choose HomeNet Broadband?

Direct fibre connection into your home

We have our own fibre network. So, unlike others, your connection isn’t shared with many.

Super-fast speed and reliable connection

With your own fibre connection, you’ll get reliability and speed you can rely on all the time.

Most affordable broadband in Jersey

Save money on your broadband bills, but get the same excellent service.

Excellent customer support and service

We’re always available to talk to you and provide support and service.

Jersey's super-fast fibre broadband without the cost or need for a landline.

With our super-fast fibre broadband, you'll be flying along without and interuptions or loss of service. Stream movies, play games, listen to music all at the same time, with speeds up to 1Gbps all for only £29.99 per month

Let's cut some of the crapaud​

Contrary to popular belief, there’s only TWO local companies with fibre broadband in the ground in Jersey, and we’re one of them. With over 20 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, we have been setting the standard for affordable and high-speed internet services without the need for a landline. Our commitment to providing fast and reliable broadband at an affordable price has made us a popular choice for islanders, with thousands joining the ‘growing fibre broadband movement. So, don't get left behind – join HomeNet's growing network and experience the future-proofed internet today!