Our Broadband Packages

Choose the right broadband package that suits you and your home.

Why choose HomeNet Broadband?

Direct fibre connection into your home

We have our own fibre network. So, unlike others, your fibre connection isn’t shared with many.

Super-fast speed and reliable connection

With your own fibre connection, you’ll get reliability and speed you can rely on all the time.

Most affordable broadband packages in Jersey

With the lowest prices in Jersey, not only do you save money, but you get excellent service.

Excellent customer support and service

We’re always available to talk to you and provide support and service when you need it.

Smart Green

The Future is here, the new generation fast fibre ready broadband is here. We are the only company that can offer fibre without an incumbent telephone service. Who uses landlines these days? So why pay for one. With speeds up to 1gb! We are rolling out this service across the island.

Smart Red

Never use your home phone? Now you can get a great value broadband without the need for a landline phone service. The service is not as fast as fibre, but it’s easy to use just plug into your electronics. You can also ask about our Alexa routers to keep in touch with friends and family without the need for a landline.

Smart Orange

4G service is designed for people needing that extra data, no need for a landline or engineer it is flexible and can move from Home to Home, great for TV, Gaming or just browsing the web. It is simply to use with it’s own password, it is plug and play.

Smart Blue

Homenet Fibre broadband is always unlimited*, so you can use it as much as you like, whenever you like. That means the whole family can be online, surfing, streaming and downloading and it will not cost you a penny more. Fibre optic broadband is a connected internet service.

Smart WIFI Improvement

Take up our Wi-Fi Checker

Homenet will come to your home and guide you through the steps to achieve the dream Wi-Fi. So you can get on with streaming your movies. We can fix any broadband or internet issues. Click below to learn more.

All packages are GST inclusive*